Locally Owned and Family Owned Funeral Directors

Pre-arranging a funeral

When it comes to funerals many of us don't like to think about them. Today, more and more people are changing the way they feel, and they find that it makes a lot of sense to pre-arrange their funeral and/or join a pre-payment plan.
Throughout our lives we plan for almost every financial eventuality we may face, pre-arranging and/or pre-paying for our funeral helps relieve your family of emotional and financial worries when a family member dies.

Your locally owned or family owned funeral director will answer your questions and assist you with those important decisions in planning your funeral – the type of funeral service required, burial or cremation, choice of casket, flowers, catering, headstones or plaques, also the many other options that are available for funerals today.

If you have pre-arranged a funeral and the funeral home sells to an overseas corporation, you may want to consider transferring your pre-arrangement details to a company who is
locally owned or family owned

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